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  • Mongolia Has a Business Plan: It's Called Singapore
    Thursday, 26 February 2015
    mongolia1.jpg(Feb 26, 2015) One of the men tasked with making Mongolia attractive to investors again reckons he’ll need about six years to do the job and is looking at Singapore as a model. Byambasaikhan Bayanjargal said he has a “mountain to climb” in cleaning house at Erdenes Mongol LLC., the umbrella company he now heads that holds the government’s stakes in businesses that control Mongolia’s deposits of copper, coal, gold and other minerals. In an interview in the capital Ulaanbaatar on Feb. 17, Byambasaikhan said he’ll restructure Erdenes management and finances, get audits from the big four accounting firms, raise overseas capital and sell shares in some of its assets to the public.

  • Turquoise Hill Announces Sale of Remaining Stake in SouthGobi Resources
    Wednesday, 25 February 2015
    southgobi_resources.jpg(Feb 25, 2015) Turquoise Hill Resources (TRQ) (Turquoise Hill or the Company) today announced that it has entered into a share purchase agreement with Novel Sunrise Investments Limited (the Purchaser), a private investment holding company with affiliated Chinese-based enterprises in real estate, logistics and supply-chain management, providing for the sale to the Purchaser of its remaining stake in SouthGobi Resources Ltd. (SouthGobi), an integrated coal mining, development and exploration company operating in Mongolia.

  • Choosing fees over dividends
    Tuesday, 24 February 2015
    mining_3.jpg(Feb 24, 2015) The Government has now started acting seriously to resolve differences over how to finance development of the second stage of the Oyu Tolgoi project, which is its underground mine. At the same time, a Government working group is in regular discussion with the international consortium finally chosen to invest in the Tavan Tolgoi deposit, the development of which will be our main way out of the current economic difficulties, as MMJ showed in its January issue. The Mongolian section of the present issue contains a sobering look by G. Iderkhangai at certain pitfalls and risks these discussions would have to negotiate.

  • Autumn Parliamentary Session Adjourns
    Monday, 23 February 2015
    dsc_7216.jpg(Feb 23, 2015) The autumn session of the State Great Khural (parliament) adjourned Wednesday. That day, the session adopted a draft resolution of parliament on measures for overcoming current economic difficulties; draft amendments to the laws on the rule for maintaining the law on prohibiting mineral exploration and extraction near water sources, protected areas and forests, and on mineral resources. Then it ran final discussions of a bill on debt management, other laws, and adopted them.

  • Russian top lawmaker, Mongolian president vow to strengthen ties
    Wednesday, 18 February 2015

    asdf.jpg(Feb 18, 2015) Russia is willing to push forward its relations and mutually beneficial cooperation with Mongolia at different levels, a Russian top lawmaker said here Monday. Russia and Mongolia have enjoyed traditional friendly relations, Sergei Naryshkin, speaker of the Russian State Duma, or the lower house of parliament, said during a meeting with Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj. "Enhancing and promoting the strategic relations with Mongolia is one of the top priorities of our foreign policy. We also greatly appreciate Mongolia for considering its relations with Russia as a priority of its foreign policy," Naryshkin added.

  • Tsagaan Sar Public Holiday Announcement
    Tuesday, 17 February 2015
    (Feb 17, 2015) maxresdefault.jpgThis is to inform our clients that, Mongolian Stock Exchange and BDSec offices will be closed on Thursday February 19 and Friday February 20 in observance of Tsagaan Sar (Lunar New Year) Celebration. Normal business will resume on Monday, February 23, 2015.

  • Speaker Z.Enkhbold holds talks with Chairman of State Duma
    Monday, 16 February 2015
    (Feb 16, 2015) 144501-16022015-1424057086-59194309--16022015-1424056026-858592834-dum-2.jpgThe Chairman of the Parliament Mr Z.Enkhbold and the visiting Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Mr S.Naryshhkin ran Monday negotiations at the State House on Monday. During the working visit of the Russian President our countries agreed to establish a middle-term programme on developing the strategic partnership. Such ties have been established with China and Japan, “it is important to have this programme with Russia, so I hope that the two sides will approve the programme in a near future as agreed,” Mr Enkhbold said.

  • R.Jigjid: It is more beneficial for Mongolia to impose special taxes on Gatsuurt rather than owning 34 percent of stake
    Friday, 13 February 2015
    jigjid.jpg(Feb 13, 2015) Last week State Great Khural received two draft bills on mining. One is the Draft Bill on Amendments to the Mineral Resources Law and the second one is Draft Resolution on Renewing the State Ownership at the Gatsuurt Deposit. These two draft bills have sparked huge debates at the State Great Khural so that Justice Coalition requested five days break. We met with R.Jigjid, Minister of Mining on those two draft laws.

  • Rio shuns Mongolia plan to swap Oyu Tolgoi equity for royalties
    Thursday, 12 February 2015

    sam_walsh.jpg(Feb 12, 2015) Global miner Rio Tinto is not interested in a proposal by Mongolia to cut its equity stake in key mines such as Rio's Oyu Tolgoi in exchange for more royalties, Chief Executive Sam Walsh said on Thursday. Last week, Mongolian Prime Minister Chimed Saikhanbileg proposed an amendment to the country's mineral resources law to allow the government to exchange state-owned equity in "strategic mines" for higher royalties. Mongolia hopes the plan will help to revive stalled foreign investment in large mining projects, but Walsh said Rio was not interested in buying a larger stake in the Oyu Tolgoi copper and gold mine.

  • Japan, Mongolia sign economic partnership agreement
    Wednesday, 11 February 2015

    (Feb 11, 2015) b-japmongol-a-20150211-870x632.jpgJapan and Mongolia have signed a bilateral economic partnership agreement that will expand trade and enhance the strategic partnership between the two countries. The agreement was signed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his visiting counterpart Chimed Saikhanbileg at the prime minister’s office in Tokyo on Tuesday. Over the next decade, it is expected to remove tariffs on about 96 percent of the combined total value of trade between the two countries, which was valued at ¥41.8 billion in 2012. It will be the 15th EPA for Japan once it takes effect following Diet approval, and the first for Mongolia, according to the Foreign Ministry.

  • Premier meets Director of Nomura Shoken
    Tuesday, 10 February 2015
    (Feb 10, 2015) -10022015-1423551876-1991107436--10022015-1423539977-1728287723-saihanbileg.jpgA director of Nomura Shoken and the CEO of Nomura Holdings Mr Koji Nagai paid a courtesy call February 9 on Mr Ch.Saikhanbileg and expressed a satisfaction with “Mongolia’s signing a free trade agreement with the Government of Japan”. The PM, who is paying the working to Japan, said the GoM is taking active measures for refining and improving the legal environment in order to increase foreign investments, and requested the company to collaborate with Mongolian companies and entities. He also underlined that his cabinet is making efforts to upgrade the bilateral economic relations by improving the private sector’s interactions and by leveraging investments.

  • B.Byambasaikhan appointed to Executive Director at Erdenes Mongol LLC
    Monday, 09 February 2015
    61fa8b211bd813ebfb363917cf3806c8big.jpg(Feb 9, 2015) At the plenary meeting of the Government, on February 4, B.Byambasaikhan of Newcom LLC was appointed Executive Director of Erdenes Mongol LLC, a state-owned company. Today he has officially received his duties. O.Sainbuyan handed-over the stamp of the company and wished the new Executive Director success in his future work.

  • Parliament prolongs its autumn session until February 18
    Friday, 06 February 2015
    parliament_3.jpg(Feb 6, 2015) The parliamentary autumn session has been prolonged until February in order to manage to discuss a programme submitted by the cabinet on overcoming the current economic difficulties, said the Speaker Z.Enkhbold Thursday.

  • IMF Agrees to Discuss Support for Mongolia as Economy Slows
    Thursday, 05 February 2015
    international_monetary_fund_logo.svg.png(Feb 5, 2015) Mongolia requested cooperation from the International Monetary Fund, as slowing growth and plunging foreign investment raise pressure on a government that’s asked its citizens to vote on how to rescue the economy. “The IMF has received a request from the Mongolian authorities to begin discussions of possible IMF support to Mongolia,” Yuko Kinoshita, the fund’s representative for the nation, said in an e-mail Tuesday. “The IMF will be sending a team to Ulaanbaatar soon to initiate these discussions.”

  • Mongolian 'text referendum' backs mine investment over austerity
    Wednesday, 04 February 2015
    dfghh.jpg(Feb 4,2015) Mongolians voted in a "text message referendum" to back a multi-billion dollar expansion of the Oyu Tolgoi copper mine instead of tightening the cash-strapped country's budget to boost its ailing economy. Mongolia's new prime minister, Chimed Saikhanbileg, called for the unprecedented vote via mobile phone text message on whether to step up austerity measures or do whatever it takes to get the country's mining sector growing again. Out of 302,008 votes, 56.1 percent supported further development of Oyu Tolgoi, while 43.9 percent were in favor of "strengthening economic discipline", the prime minister's spokesman said in a statement.

  • The Government decision to legalise casino
    Tuesday, 03 February 2015

    (Feb 3, 2015) -03022015-1422935510-1905084530-155340-03022015-1422934659-935062813-205254_original.jpgYesterday, the Government held Plenary Session meeting. During the meeting, the Government decision was made to propose amendments in Tourism Law to legalize casinos in two locations. The companies interested in establishing casinos will be issued special licenses for 10 years. Currently, the locations are undefined and it is to be served for foreigners only. However, Mongolians must be over the age of 25 to be eligible for entry and able to pay annual fees of MNT 20-40 million. Cabinet members concluded that establishing casino will be a leverage for Mongolian economy during this period of economic slowdown.

  • Gatsuurt Deposit to accumulate MNT 660 billion at the state budget
    Monday, 02 February 2015

    mining_3.jpg(Feb 2, 2015) Gatsuurt deposit discussions were held at the State Great Khural whether to include it into the strategic deposit list and the deposit was approved to be included in the list. During the Transparency and Mining briefing held by Ministry of Mining information session was conducted on Gatsuurt Deposit. Gatsuurt deposit proven reserves are at 50 tons of gold and profitable effect reserves are calcualted to be 25 tons, which fully complies to requirements for Strategic Deposit.

  • Former SouthGobi 3 sentenced to almost 6 years, SouthGobi fined $ 18 million for tax evasion
    Saturday, 31 January 2015
    justin_kapla.jpg(Jan 31, 2015) Canadian miner SouthGobi Resources Ltd. and three ex-employees were found guilty of tax evasion by a Mongolian court, ending a near three-year investigation scrutinized for its impact on foreign investment and the nation's treatment of overseas nationals. U.S. citizen Justin Kapla and two Philippine nationals, Hilarion Cajucom Jr and Cristobal David, each received jail sentences of between five and six years, while the company was fined 35 billion tugrik ($18 million), said court spokeswoman Jamsranjav Enkhbayar.

  • Mongolia Asks Voters to Text a Choice: Austerity or Investment
    Friday, 30 January 2015
    (Jan 30, 2015) 10956568_785736841463808_1087137236_o.jpgPrime Minister Saikhanbileg Chimed wants a text message from Mongolia’s 3 million citizens about how to rescue the economy. Two months after winning office, Saikhanbileg, 46, took to national television on Wednesday to tell viewers they have a choice. He explained the economy is slumping along with foreign investment, so they have to decide if belt-tightening is the way forward or should the country invest its way out of trouble? The prime minister -- a weight lifter who bench-presses 175 kilograms -- invited citizens to send text messages over four days starting Saturday on what they prefer to do. Choice A: Forge ahead with multibillion dollar mining projects. Choice B: Cut spending and scale back.

  • Mongolia welcomes 3 millionth citizen
    Thursday, 29 January 2015
    -28012015-1422412820-1393892115-154953-28012015-1422412098-92500752-huuhed21.jpg(Jan 29, 2015) 3 millionth citizen of Mongolia was born four days ago. National Statistics Office just hold press conference on this event today at 11AM at the Government Building. 12:09 PM (Ulaanbaatar) The official ceremony to celebrate the 3 millionth citizen has started on this bright day. First baby girl to father E.Khatanbold and mother G.Azzaya, natives of Dalanzadgad soum, Umnugobi aimag has been announced as the 3 millionth citizen of Mongolia. Baby girl was born on January 24th at 08:27AM and resgistered 73th birth of that day. G.Shiilegdamba, Minister of Health and Sports, reported that both baby and mother are in good health. Baby girl is 3.5 kg and 50 cm.

Daily Market Update
  • APU hits 9-month low at MNT 3,555
    stockgraph1.png(Feb 25, 2015) MSE shares closed Wednesday session at 13,801.48 points, 0.14% lower than yesterday. Bulgan Guril Tejeel (GTJ) fell -10.1% to MNT 2,697, its 16-month low. Remicon (RMC), a concrete producer based in Ulaanbaatar, dropped -2.8% to MNT 88.44 to hit its new 4-year low. APU (APU), the largest MSE listed company by market value, lost -1.4% to MNT 3,555, lowest it’s seen since June 2, 2014. APU reported net loss of MNT 14.2 billion or MNT 190.8 per share in 2014, compared to MNT 4.0 billion earnings in 2013. The company’s sales increased 2.5% to MNT 198 billion in 2014, but they reported exchange related loss of MNT 21.5 billion in 2014, compared to MNT 15.1 billion in 2013.

  • $12 million worth of government bonds were traded on MSE
    stockgraph.png(Feb 24, 2015) On Tuesday, MSE trades MNT 23.4 billion (~US$ 12 million) worth of 12-week government bonds with 15.019% yield. Stock trading volume was low at MNT 9 million. Out of 7 stocks traded on the bourse, 5 declined and 2 remained same. Gobi Cashmere (GOV) was closed at MNT 7,400, down -0.27% for the day. GOV board has announced dividend of MNT 140 per share for FY14 with a record date of February 27, 2015. The dividend translates to payout of 10.4% for 2014.

  • 50 percent of 22th Baaz traded on Friday
    stockgraph.png(Feb 13, 2015) Mongolia stocks ended the week in red. The benchmark index closed 0.13% lower to 13,905.51 points. Turnover for Friday was MNT 286.7 million (~US$ 146.2K). MNT 207.3 worth of 50 percent of 22th Baaz (AHH) were exchanged hands at a price of MNT 205 per share. Tavantolgoi (TTL), the second largest MSE-listed company by market value, lost -2.5% to MNT 3,900, lowest price since November 2013. Shivee Ovoo (SHV) kept its momentum. The stock surged +14.8% to close at MNT 6,200. SHV advanced by MNT 1,700 or 38% this week.

  • Companies start posting their 2014 results
    stockgraph.png(Feb 12, 2015) MSE Top 20 index ended -0.36% lower on Thursday. Companies started posting their financial results for the year 2014. Out of 81 companies posted their year results, some of them performed very well in 2014. Ulaanbaatar BUK (BUK): BUK’s revenue was up 80.9% to MNT 16.1 billion in 2014 whereas its earnings increased 45.7% to MNT 745.8 million. Gutal (GTL): GTL’s sales revenue and earnings were up 49.7% and 165.3% to MNT 2.83 billion and MNT 1.46 billion, respectively.


  • MSE ends 5-day decline
    stockgraph.png(Feb 11, 2015) Mongolia shares closed the in green on Wednesday, ending 5-day decline. Remicon advanced +5.6% to MNT 95. Makh Impex (MMX) added +5.35 to close at MNT 3,750, its highest price in 2 months. Ulaanbaatar BUK (BUK) lost -13.2% to MNT 33,000, its lowest price in 13-month. Baganuur (BAN) also closed -9.7% lower to hit its lowest price since September 2009. Turnover for Wednesday was MNT 29.3 million.

  • MSE shares decline 5th day in a row
    stockgraph.png(Feb 10, 2015) MSE shares declined for the 5th day in a row on Tuesday. The MSE All index fell 0.21% to sit at 996.87 points. Auto Impex (AOI), Ikh Barilga (IBA) and Mongol Makh Expo (DLG) lost more than 14% on Tuesday. Shivee Ovoo (SHV), a 90% state owned thermal coal miner, advanced +4.44% to MNT 4,700, highest price year-to-date. Aduunchuluun (ADL) recovered from its 5-year low, adding +3.4%. Turnover for the day was MNT 30.5 million. 

  • Darkhan Nekhii (NEH) up 4.2% to MNT 18,760
    stockgraph.png(Feb 9, 2015) Mongolia shares edged lower 0.06% on Monday to continue its losing streak to 4 consecutive days. Naco Fuel (NKT) slumped -12.3% to MNT 270. Darkhan Nekhii (NEH) advanced +4.2% to close the day at MNT 18,760, its highest close since last September. 52-week low and high for NEH shares are MNT 13,010 and MNT 20,000.

  • Hermes (HRM) hit a new 1-year low at MNT 141.45
    stockgraph.png(Feb 6, 2015) Mongolia shares ended the week in red amid low volume. Only MNT 8.2 million worth of 16 companies’ shares were changed hands. The benchmark index fell 0.84% to sit at 14,034.58 points. BDSec (BDS) fell -12.3% to MNT 2,000 on 5 shares traded. Hermes (HRM) hit a new 1-year low at MNT 141.45, dropping -2.45% for the day. Makh Impex (MMX) added +2.9% to close at MNT 3,600, its highest price in the last one month.

  • MSE stocks hit its lowest close since October 2013
    stockgraph.png(Feb 5, 2015) MSE stocks declined 0.49% to 14,153.62 points on Thursday to hit its lowest close since October 2013. The largest MSE-listed company APU fell -2.4% to end the session at MNT 3,610. Aduunchuluun (ADL), a thermal coal miner in Eastern Mongolia, lost -3.1% to close at MNT 1,356, its lowest price since August 2010. On the other side, Gazar Suljmel (SUL) and Darkhan Nekhii (NEH) gained +10.4% and +1.3% respectively to hit their 3-month highs.

  • MSE renews Top 20 index
    stockgraph.png(Feb 4, 2015) MSE stocks plunged 1.44% on Wednesday, ending 3-day advance as 9 stocks dropped against 5 that rose. MSE renewed its Top 20 index basket by replacing Mogoin Gol (BDL), Hotel Mongolia (MSH), Silikat (SIL), and Suu (SUU) with Ulaanbaatar BUK (BUK), Hermes (HRM), Material Impex (MIE), and Makh Impex (MMX). Sharyn Gol (SHG) retreated -9.4% to MNT 5,800 after jumping +10.7% yesterday.

  • MSE stocks advance for the 3rd day in a row
    stockgraph.png(Feb 3, 2015) MSE Top 20 index advanced for the 3rd day in a row. The index gained 0.42% to 14,431.44 points. Khukh Gan (HGN) jumped +11.7% to hit its 4-month low high at MNT 122.69, after gaining +13.3% yesterday. Talkh Chikher (TCK) advanced +3.1% to MNT 20,000 to close at MNT 20,000, highest close since October 30. On the other hand, Mongolian Development Resources (MDR) hit new all-time low at MNT 425.05. Turnover for the day was MNT 34.5 million.

  • State Department Store (UID) drops to 7-month low
    stockgraph.png(Feb 2, 2015) Mongolian stocks started the week in green. MSE Top 20 index advanced 0.56% to 14,370.46 points as 3 stocks gained for every 2 that lost. Turnover for Monday was MNT 526.9 million or US$ 271 thousand.  There was a block trade for E-Trans Logistics (ETR) worth of MNT 500 million. State Department Store (UID) dropped -5.5% to MNT 520, lowest close since Jun 19, 2014.  Talkh Chikher (TCK) gained +3.9% to MNT 19,400, its highest close since last December.

  • MSE is to introduce Market Makers
    (Jan 30, 2015) stockgraph.pngMSE stocks ended the week in green ending 3-day decline. The benchmark index edged up 0.05% on Friday. Mongolian Stock Exchange is about to introduce market makers starting February 16. They said: “Even though brokerage companies of Mongolian stock exchange have double duties for broker and dealer, activity of brokerage companies mainly limited by implementing buy and sell order of its clients. Thereupon investors face problems with buying and selling their shares at any time they want, and it has a negative impact on market liquidity. Market makers will make buy and sell order for government securities, and it will increase liquidity of securities in the primary and secondary market. Mongolian capital market trading activity and participation of investors are expected to increase due to increasing buy and sell order from investors on a daily basis. Introduction of market makers structure will be available in shares and derivatives market in the future.”       

  • MSE to shift to T+1 from T+3
    stockgraph.png(jan 29, 2015) MSE Top 20 index closed -0.23% lower on Thursday. Turnover for the day was MNT 68.3 million. State Department Store (UID) led decliners by losing -5.2% to MNT 550, followed by Moninjbar (-1.4%). Mongolian Stock Exchange announced that it will shift to T+1 system from current T+3 starting from February 16.

  • APU traded intraday low at MNT 3,500
    stockgraph.png(Jan 28, 2015) MSE stocks fell -0.70% on Wednesday, as 10 shares drop and 4 shares advance. APU (APU) was the most actively traded stock today. The stock registered an intraday range of MNT 3,500 and MNT 3,700 and closed at MNT 3,700. Mogoin Gol, Shivee Ovoo, and Suu shares lost more than 11%, but only single share from each one was traded. Turnover for the day was MNT 17.2 million. MSE announced its government retail bond terms for next Tuesday. 52-week bonds with a face value of MNT 100,000 have interest rate of 16.125% and there will be monthly coupons.

  • US$ 10.5 million worth of government retail bonds traded on Tuesday
    stockgraph.png(Jan 27, 2015) On Tuesday MNT 20.3 billion or US$ 10.5 million worth of government retail bonds were traded on the Mongolian Stock Exchange. The 12-week bonds had 14.840% yield. The MSE Top 20 index edged lower -0.04% to close the session at 14,416.40. Gutal GTL) and Remicon (RMC) jumped +14.5% and +8.9%, respectively. Makh Impex added +0.5% to MNT 3,350 ending its 7-day trading in the red.

  • Gutal (GTL) gains 1.2%
    (Jan 26, 2015) stockgraph.pngTrading volumes were light at MNT 9.5 million on Monday. Gutal (GTL) was the most actively traded stock. GTL gained +1.2% to close at MNT 9,610. The 52-week high of the counter is 12,650 and the 52-week low is 9,500. The 52-week high is approximately 31.6% above the current valuation. The MSE Top 20 index inched up +0.01% to 14,422.71 points. Makh Impex (MMX) lowered -0.48% to end the session at MNT 3,334.

  • 4.1% of Khukh Gan (HGN) exchanged hands
    stockchart.jpg.png(Jan 23, 2015) On Friday, MNT 555.2 million (~US$ 286K) worth of stocks traded on the Mongolian Stock Exchange. 4.2 million shares of Khukh Gan (HGN) worth of MNT 480.9 million or 4.1% of the company were exchanged hands at a price of MNT 115 per share as a block. Concrete producer Remicon (RMC) recovered from its 5-year low to MNT 90.94, up 1.04%.

  • Makh Impex (MMX) to export meat to Russia
    stockchart.jpg.png(Jan 22, 2015) The MSE Top 20 index dropped -0.45% to 14,389.27 points as 7 companies fell, 3 companies fell and 7 companies remained same on Thursday’s trading session. Makh Impex (MMX), lost -4.2% to close at MNT 3,350, its lowest price since October 2014. The Ministry for Food and Agriculture yesterday granted meat export quotes to several companies including Makh Impex. The 8 selected companies got total export quotes for 4,051 tonnes. Food Security Council approved 64,400 tonnes of meat export and 2,000 tonnes of meat import for the year 2015. Mongolia exported 26 thousand tonnes of meat annually at maximum.

  • Merex (MRX) hits its lowest price since IPO
    (Jan 21, 2015) stockchart.jpg.pngThe benchmark index recovered from its 52-week low on Wednesday. The MSE Top 20 added 0.19% to 14,454.53 points.  Merex (MRX), a concrete producer which went public in April 2014, lost -2.8% to close at MNT 85.5, its lowest closing price since its IPO. E-Trans Logistics (ETR) also dropped -6.6% to MNT 88.75, getting closer to its all-time low of MNT 88.0. Government bond terms are announced for the next Tuesday. 491,091 12-week bonds with 14.84% yield are offered.

  • BDSec WEEKLY - 15th week
    (Apr. 8th - Apr. 12th) MSE Top 20 index lost 0.26% to 15,017.8 points whilst BDS index went down to 0.74% to 3,133.1 points. Despite the fact that companies reported strong financials in 2012 which have started being announced to the public at their annual general meetings this month, both indexes have been losing value for 12 weeks in a row, reaching its 27-months low value.

  • BDSec WEEKLY - 8th week
    (Feb 18th - 22th) MSE listed companies started announcing their year-end financials: net profit of most actively traded companies has grown by 42.1% in 2012 and sales revenue of those companies went up by 25% in the same year

  • BDSec WEEKLY - 6th week
    (Feb 4th – Feb 8th) Market closed at lower value on the verge of Lunar New Year: MSE TOP20 index went down by 0.3% to 17,627.3 points whilst BDS index dropped by 2.0% to 3,767.0 points.

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