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О нас
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О нас



Dear clients, investors and partners

On behalf of BDSec Joint Stock Company, I would like to great you all with peace.

Our company is one of the pioneer companies in the securities market of Mongolia, we became the first underwriter in year 2004, and started the investment advisory services in year 2007, and today we are the sole company which provides the customers with the most diversified service of brokerage, underwriting and investment advisory.

Our dedication to establishing and maintaining the relations with investors, partners and clients on basis of mutual trust and consideration has resulted in over 120 thousand customers.

In last year, our company has been introduced several IPOs successfully which focus on the economic development of Mongolia and environment protection.

Moreover, our company performed 35.9 billion worth trade of the overall annual 101 billion MNT turnover of the Stock Exchange of Mongolia in 2008.

Well known worldwide investment funds, financial institutes and transcontinental bank representatives such as team headed by global investor Dr. Mark Mobius, the Executive director of Franklin Templeton Investment Inc which is considered one of the pioneer in the industry, Ms.Pauline J. Banks the head of Asia-Pacific Custody Service of JP Morgan Chase Bank and Mr. Christan A.De Haemer, general redactor of North American Investment financial magazine which published from “Angel Publishing Ltd” are being invited by our company BDSec.JSC. These events have been promoting Mongolian stock market enormously by analyzing opportunity of investment with massive research in the local market at the same time contributing efforts in the context of development in Mongolian stock market.

In 2009, total of 46 billion MNT of security trading has completed at Mongolian Stock Exchange whereby 21.29 billion MNT or 45.9% has executed solely by MSE which increased by 10.5% as compared to previous year of exchange transaction.
Finally, we would like to wish you the wisdom of making the right decision, and hope for prosperous future of our cooperation and your business.


Board Chairman