Chairman’s Message
Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message


Dear clients, investors and partners,

On behalf of BDSec Joint Stock Company, I would like to great you all with peace.

In the capital market of Mongolia, "BDSec" JSC (MSE: BDS) conducts broker, dealer, underwriting and investment advisory services in accordance with special permits issued by the Financial Regulatory Commission. As a company, we have executed 26 to 91 percentage of total trading value on Mongolian Stock Exchange in the last 8 years.

In a framework of an underwriting service, we have raised approximately 60% of total capital raised on the capital market and we have been constantly providing investment advisory service in order to improve corporate governance for companies we raised capital for.

We have been pursuing a policy and providing investment and complex financial services to encourage domestic manufacturers and to introduce high potential securities by bringing domestic companies into the capital market. In the future, we have planned to expand our business, provide more quality service to our customers, improve and stabilize our branch operations.

Finally, we would like to wish you the wisdom of making the right decision, and hope for prosperous future of our cooperation and your business.


Board Chairman