Company History
Company History
AAR -90.00 -0.82%|APU -16.00 -1.15%|MND -1.48 -1.34%|GOV 11.56 3.42%|XOC -8.50 -3.42%|SUU 5.24 1.28%|TTL -5.00 -0.06%|TUM -2.46 -0.64%|MFG -13.00 -1.13%|ADB -6.39 -2.59%|MFC -3.66 -4.21%|UID 82.00 2.21%|SHG -27.00 -2.55%|LEN 0.49 1.07%|AIC 28.00 1.74%|ERD 18.14 2.01%|TCK 400.00 1.77%|NEH 0.89 3.54%|BOD 9.81 6.76%|INV -4.00 -0.12%|ETR -2.39 -2.12%|MBW -4.00 -1.78%|MNP -19.00 -1.41%|UNS 0.00 0.00%|ITL -6.31 -5.62%|BUK -5.36 -1.06%|JTB -2.40 -3.58%|AMT -3.00 -2.65%|ADU -41.43 -6.83%|BUN 3,400.00 2.22%|ADL 3.00 0.31%|OLL 2.40 8.39%|ERS 1,000.00 5.88%|MMX 14.00 0.39%|MIB 5.00 4.55%|BSK -150.00 -9.38%|HGN 0.39 0.59%|HBO 0.67 1.33%|HRM 0.50 0.41%|ETT 0.00 0.00%|RMC 1.00 4.17%|VIK 0.00 0.00%|

Company History




Our company first was founded in 1991 as a brokerage and dealing firm “Bayandukhum” in order to receive and register common shares of Property Privatization from citizens of Tuv Province.


The company was re-organized, in 1995, to provide comprehensive brokerage and dealing service on the stock market, under the name of BDSec LLC.


In 1997, BDSec opened its first branch in Ulaanbaatar and in 1998 shifted its headquarter from Tuv Province to Ulaanbaatar.


In 2000, BDSec became the largest dealer of the Government bond.


Upon receiving the official license for underwriting from the Financial Regulatory Commission in 2004, we became the first independent underwriter and chief dealer for corporate bonds, and successfully introduced Pumo Bond to the fixed income market.


In 2005, we made an agreement with “Moninjbar”, the civil engineering and plumbing company, to act as official underwriter for its “Reformation Bond”.


In 2006, BDSec became a public company as issuing 1 billion MNT worth of shares through an IPO. In the same year, we underwrote Genco Tour Bureau as our first IPO in the public equity market. We also completed the secondary issue of “Puma Bond” in 2006.


In 2007, we entered into an agreement with New-York based brokerage firm, Auerbach Grayson & Co, Inc. which became our official representative in the United States of America. In the same year, we also completed IPOs of HBOIL JSC, Moninjbar JSC and Tuul Songino Water Resource JSC through our underwriting arm.


In 2008, BDSec successfully managed MNT 3.2 billion IPO of Khukh Gan JSC, MNT 0.3bn IPO of Naco Fuel JSC, MNT 0.6bn secondary offering of HBOIL JSC and MNT 2.8bn secondary offering for BDSec JSC. We started public education program in 2008 with giving a free lectures and trainings about the capital market to the domestic people.


In 2009, we initiated and started "Green IPO" movement that aims to support environment friendly companies to raise capital on the MSE and with necessary working capital.


In 2010, total transaction amount executed by the Company has exceeded over 100 billion tugrigs. We won the tender to service account holders in Orkhon province announced by the Financial Regulatory Commission. The National Chamber named BDSec the “best entrepreneur of the year 2010”.


In 2011, BDSec introduced few new issuance to the Mongolian securities market, namely Silikat IPO, Just Agro bond and Sharyn Gol rights issue, all of them being the first ones in 3 years.