Dividend Distribution
Dividend Distribution
ADB -0.01 -0.02%|AAR -21.00 -1.53%|AIC 0.00 0.00%|BOD 1.44 1.27%|APU 4.37 0.77%|MND 0.23 0.53%|XOC -2.62 -2.29%|TTL 40.00 0.70%|AMT -20.00 -4.55%|BUK -21.88 -5.08%|LEN -0.57 -1.90%|MMX 67.00 2.31%|GOV 0.27 0.14%|DAR 4.00 0.14%|BDS 2.00 0.23%|ITL -0.69 -0.90%|MBW -4.03 -2.13%|LNB 0.00 0.00%|ERD -33.18 -3.75%|MIB 0.80 0.90%|INV 14.00 0.48%|NUR 0.00 0.00%|MNP 26.72 4.68%|BNG 660.00 2.36%|EER 0.00 0.00%|TUM 3.33 2.21%|HGN 0.06 0.08%|SUU 0.00 0.00%|MFC 0.00 0.00%|NEH -0.07 -0.47%|TCK 300.00 1.91%|ONH 0.00 0.00%|

Dividend Distribution


Board of Directors of “BDSec” JSC approved a regulation of “Dividend policy” as of March 12, 2012 which manages relations regarding dividend distribution, dividend amount and other related matters for shareholders.


As stated in the regulation, the company shall expense investors’ asset at an adequate amount, maintain and increase an annual dividend amount to shareholders. Matters regarding the dividend distribution shall be approved by the Board of Directors, as stated in the resolution. In case the company decides not to distribute any dividend in a profit-making financial year, the decision shall be presented at an Annual Shareholders’ Meeting along with the reason, profit expenditure and estimations. In case it is decided to distribute dividend in a given year, dividend distribution report shall be presented at the next Annual Shareholder’s Meeting.


The issuer became a public company by offering its shares to the public in 2006. Since that time, the issuer has distributed dividend as follows.

Distribution history

Year Dividend per share
2006 ₮3
2007 ₮30
2008 ₮5
2010 ₮50
2012 ₮60
2013 ₮11.78
Total amount            ₮1,757,580,000.00