“Achit Ikht” company distributed dividend

“Achit Ikht” company has been owned preferred shares to the employees of “Erdenet Factory” and “Achit Ikh”t LLC through the “Achit Zes” JSC on September, 2018 and the company distributed its dividend of the fifth quarter. The company has created a chance to receive efficiency of its factory to the its employees through issuing preferred shares with interest of 30 percent. The interest is higher 2 times than an interest of term deposit and 4 times than an interest of savings.

“Achit Ikht” company is the first company which listed on London Metal Exchange in 2019. Cathode copper plant of the company has created more than 220 work places in local region, cooperated with 806 caterers and executed around USD 168 billion domestic procurement for last five years.

Source: The Official gazette