APU: Market capitalization decreased by MNT 151.9 billion

Share price of APU company as the highest amount by market capitalization has decreased by 22 percentage points since the beginning of this year.

Market capitalization of the company was MNT 687.2 billion in the beginning of 2019 whereas the market cap has been MNT 535.3 billion by September 19, 2019. Looking at the financial performances of the company, sales revenue of APU company increased comparing to the previous year but net profit of the company has decreased by MNT 4.5 billion, which was driven by the activation’s decrease of stock market trading.

Furthermore, small shareholders’ number of stock companies has been increasing with regards to lower choice of stocks. For instance, small shareholders’ number of APU company has risen by 7.4 percent and surpassed 6,000 shareholders.

Source: marketinfo.mn