APU’s dividend distribution to reach record high

APU JSC, which has the highest market capitalization on the MSE, has held its annual general meeting of shareholders on April 20, 2020, and approved the 2019 activity report. The company’s Board of Directors has decided to pay a total of MNT 74.6 billion MNT 71 per share in dividends to its shareholders. This is the highest dividend distribution in the company’s history.

Last year, the company sold 133 million liters of 344 products and earned MNT 473 billion. APU’s sales revenue rose 11 percent and net profit reached MNT 76 billion, which was shown an increase of MNT 28 billion from a year earlier. The company highlighted that cost-effective management and the economic situation in Mongolia attributed this growth.

The company is pursuing a policy to increase dividends in the future, Erdenebileg.Ts, Chief Executive officer of APU JSC stated at the shareholders meeting.

Source: The Official Gazette