Baganuur company will mine and sell 4 million tons coal in 2020

Baganuur JSC planned to mine and sell 4 million thermal coal this year, which is lower 100 thousand tons than performances of 2019. In particular, the company sold 4.1 million tons coal in 2019, earned MNT 138.5 billion from the sales and operated with profit of MNT 69.7 million. Also, earnings per share of the company equaled with MNT 3.32.

However, the company’s accumulated debts are being the biggest problem for its effectiveness as well as liabilities amount of the company is increasing year by year. For instance, its total liabilities had been MNT 165.8 billion by the end of 2018 whereas the amount increased to MNT 174 billion last year.

As a result, share price of the company has been decreasing during the period. For instance, share price of the company closed at MNT 825 yesterday, which has been the lowest price since 2009.