Brief news of the market

According to the law on company, Annual General Meeting of shareholders of companies listed on Mongolian Stock Exchange shall be scheduled before May 01. Currently 143 companies or 73 percent of total listed companies held their shareholders meeting.

Board of Directors of LendMN JSC decided to issue a bond. The company has issued closed end bonds for a few times. Use of proceeds of this bond will be spent for loan services of the company. Mirae Asset Securities Mongolia will work as underwriter in the bond issuance.

Arig Gal JSC listed on Tier-II of MSE earned MNT 1.9 billion in 2019. Of which MNT 335.8 million was from rental revenue and MNT 1.6 billion was from dividend income. In particular, the company owns 4 percent of Tavantolgoi JSC. Whereas Arig Gal JSC decided to distribute dividend of MNT 135.4 million or MNT 38.92 per share for 2019.