Brief news of the market

According to the resolution No.14 of Board of Directors of Suu JSC dated 28th October 2020, M.Mandkhai as CEO of the company was dismissed from her position and D.Erdenechimeg was appointed as Acting Executive Director of the company.

  • Nogoon Khugjil Undesnii Negdel JSC announced regular meeting of shareholders. The meeting was scheduled to be held on 13th December 2020. The agendas such as presentation on the company’s project named “Apartment with stock”, amendment to the company charter, issuance of corporate bond and others will be discussed at the meeting.
  • Furthermore, 38 out of 54 broker companies participated in securities trading of MSE in October. In particular, broker companies executed trading of MNT 15.8 billion last month. The companies such as Ard Securities, BDSec JSC, TDB Capital, Bumbat Altai and Standard Investment UTsK led others by the amount of their trading.
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