Nominal Account
Nominal Account
APU 8.50 1.60%|LEN 1.01 3.06%|AAR 4.00 0.26%|SUL 8,550.00 13.15%|MND -0.13 -0.29%|TTL -135.00 -2.53%|GOV 5.87 3.56%|TUM 0.55 0.38%|MFC 0.00 0.00%|INV 0.00 0.00%|GTL -2,400.00 -11.76%|ADB 0.00 0.00%|BTG 0.00 0.00%|AIC 1.00 0.14%|SUU -0.83 -0.44%|ITL 2.00 2.67%|

Nominal Account


“Nominal account” is a bank account, which is opened in the name of brokerage firm and used for cash settlement purposes. If a client intends to trade on the MSE via nominal account, he/she needs to set up a securities account with the central depository.


In order to open a securities account with the Securities clear house & central depository and a nominal account with us a client must provide below forms and documents.



  • Account opening form of SCH&CD – download
  • KYC Application form
  • Notarized copy of a passport



  • Account opening request letter for Securities Central Depository & Clearing House (SCH&CD) – download
  • Account opening form for SCH&CD – download
  • KYC Application form
  • Notarized passport copies of authorized signatories – 2 copies **Authorized signatory (s) refers to a person (s) who is officially appointed by the account opening institution (legal entity) to be in charge of future activities in relation to the account such as repatriating funds off the account and placing buy/sell orders for the account.
  • A notarized signature confirmation form x 2 copies – download
  • A document/letter demonstrating that the appointing person is legally eligible to appoint authorized signatories. – 2 copies
  • Notarized copy of the institution’s certificate of incorporation – 2 copies


Please note: The forms are valid WHEN fully filled out and signed by the client.