MPP won 62 seats in the parliament election

The official results of Wednesday’s Mongolia parliamentary election have been announced: The Mongolian People’s Party, which is the country’s ruling party, has won 62 seats in a landslide victory, while the once formidable opposition Democratic Party won a meagre 11 seats; the Right Person Electorate Coalition and Our Coalition, which is run by former President… Read more »

Lendmn NBFI Bond’s issuance received MNT 6.7 billion subscription

The subscription for the equity backed bond’s issuance of Lendmn NBFI was held last week. The bond priced for MNT 100,000 per unit, with maturity of 1 year and interest rate of 17%. The company was to raise MNT 5 billion through its bond, but received MNT 6.7 billion from 538 individuals and entities. Source:… Read more »

LendMN NBFI JSC will issue a bond

LendMN NBFI JSC as leading company in Fintech sector of Mongolia get a permission to issue a “LendMN Bond” from Financial Regulatory Commission. “LendMN Bond” is the first bond which is issued by Fintech company on Mongolian capital market. LendMN NBFI JSC has introduced new online payment system based on mobile application to the market…. Read more »

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of Khundii Gold Project was completed

Erdene Resource Development Corporation listed on Toronto and Mongolian Stock Exchanges announced that the company completed Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of Khundii Gold Project. The company produced the assessment according to the Performance Requirements of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development by Sustainability East Asia, in consortium with Ramboll Australia and Eco Trade… Read more »

Bodi Insurance company successfully issued IPO

Bodi Insurance company successfully issued its IPO which was the first IPO of this year on Mongolian Stock Exchange. IPO subscription of the company closed on June 08 as well as the company offered its 20 percent or 47 million shares to the public. BDSec JSC as underwriter of Bodi Insurance’s IPO announced that they successfully issued… Read more »

TOP-5 companies which operated with the highest profit in 2019

Considering at the financial report of public companies, below 5 companies led other companies by their profit in 2019. APU JSC has led other companies by its sales revenue and net profit in 2019. In particular, the company earned MNT 468.6 billion and operated with profit of MNT 74.4 billion, which rose by 8.3 percent… Read more »

Erdene Resources Development: Some planned works of the company delays to the movement restriction but its exploration work is being likely to continue

Peter Akerley CEO of Erdene Resources Development Corporation has submitted letter on its Bayankhundii and Altan Nar projects, and future plan of the company to its shareholders. He highlighted that despite the uncertainty in our world today, they have a tremendous opportunity to generate strong returns for their investors and to make a positive impact… Read more »


To honor the occasion of the primary market opening of ‘Bodi Insurance’ JSC’s IPO, Mr. D.Bayarsaikhan, Chairman of FRC, Mr. Kh.Altai, CEO of Mongolian Stock Exchange,  Mr. G.Saruul, the Board member of ‘Bodi Insurance’ JSC; Mr. B.Zolbayar, CEO of  ‘Bodi Insurance’ JSC; Mr. D.Lkhagvadorj, Deputy CEO of BDSec Securities firm JSC; Mr. M.Otgonbayar, CEO of ‘Trans Bank… Read more »

Some companies distributed their dividend for 2019

36 companies listed on Mongolian Stock Exchange issued a decision to distribute dividend from net profit of 2019 to their shareholders. Currently below companies distributed their dividend to their shareholders. Takhi Ko JSC distributed dividend of MNT 97.2 per share. Total number of outstanding shares of the company is 280,000,000 and share price of the… Read more »

Bayan Khundii gold project value to double as gold price rises

The value of the gold projects has been increased during the time when the gold price climbs. According to the Erdene Resource Development Corporation’s (ERD) feasibility study, the price of gold reflected to stand at USD 1,300 per ounce, but it has risen to USD 1,700 currently, the project’s value has almost doubled to USD… Read more »

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