Baganuur company will mine and sell 4 million tons coal in 2020

Baganuur JSC planned to mine and sell 4 million thermal coal this year, which is lower 100 thousand tons than performances of 2019. In particular, the company sold 4.1 million tons coal in 2019, earned MNT 138.5 billion from the sales and operated with profit of MNT 69.7 million. Also, earnings per share of the… Read more »

Brief news of the market

According to the law on company, Annual General Meeting of shareholders of companies listed on Mongolian Stock Exchange shall be scheduled before May 01. Currently 143 companies or 73 percent of total listed companies held their shareholders meeting. Board of Directors of LendMN JSC decided to issue a bond. The company has issued closed end… Read more »

Ard Financial Group JSC held its AGM via online

Ard Financial Group JSC held its annual general meeting of shareholders virtually last week. Ard Financial Group JSC decided to distribute MNT 1 billion to its shareholders. Gankhuyag Chairman of Board of Directors of Ard Financial Group JSC said that Ard Financial Group merged with Jinst Uvs company and registered on Mongolian Stock Exchange in… Read more »

Mongol Daatgal JSC: Main performances of 2020 plan decreases by 13-15 percent

Economic difficulties due to Covid-19 negatively affected to the insurance companies’ business listed on Mongolian Stock Exchange. For instance, Mongol Daatgal JSC announced that the company planned to decrease its main performances of 2020 plan by 13-15 percent. Furthermore, the company has created an opportunity to work from home to its employees and decreased working… Read more »

Shareholders meeting of Mogoin Gol JSC delayed until May 08

Mogoin Gol JSC listed on Tier-II of MSE had scheduled to hold its shareholders meeting on April 23, 2020 but the company has delayed the meeting due to Covid-19 pandemic and shareholders meeting of the company will be held on May 8, 2020. Board of Directors of Mogoin Gol JSC decided not to distribute dividend… Read more »

Tavantolgoi JSC distributes 90 percent of net profit

Tavantolgoi JSC listed on Tier-I of MSE decided to distribute 90 percent of net profit of 2019 to its shareholders. In particularly, R.Seddorj CEO of the company informed that they issued a decision to distribute MNT 821 per share at the meeting of shareholders. The company distributed MNT 853 per share or MNT 44.9 billion… Read more »

APU’s dividend distribution to reach record high

APU JSC, which has the highest market capitalization on the MSE, has held its annual general meeting of shareholders on April 20, 2020, and approved the 2019 activity report. The company’s Board of Directors has decided to pay a total of MNT 74.6 billion MNT 71 per share in dividends to its shareholders. This is… Read more »

Net profit of Itools JSC increased by 20.3 percent in 2019

Itools JSC announced its operating report of 2019 and the company highlighted that number of clients increased by 26.8 percent and totaled 7,790. The company has supplied more than 30 types of products and services to the market during the period as well as its sales revenue and net profit increased by 106.2 percent and… Read more »

Suu JSC will issue 85.5 million shares

Suu JSC listed on Mongolian Stock Exchange held its annual general meeting of shareholders virtually last Friday. The company solely composed 49 percent of total dairy products and 73 percent of liquid dairy products in domestic market. Suu JSC planned to spend MNT 27.1 billion for introducing new product and improving businesses of the company… Read more »

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