Brief news of the market

LendMN NBFI JSC expanded its business operations so the company will operate in introducing new clearing service and giving an investment advisory. Within the framework of above expansions, the company has amended relative rules of the company. Name of “Mongolian Securities Clearing House” company will be changed to “Mongolian Securities Clearing Center”. Also, shareholders’ equity… Read more »

Khar Khorum Proporties JSC will split its stock 10-for-1

Khar Khorum Properties JSC listed on Tier-III of MSE has planned to split its stock by 10-for-1. Currently the company has been 15.79 million shares so the company will be 157.87 million shares after stock split. Per share price of the company closed at MNT 100 so it will be MNT 10 per share. According… Read more »

34 joint stock companies decided to distribute dividend for 2019

Companies listed on Mongolian Stock Exchange have announced their financial report of 2019 as well as they have decided whether to distribute dividend or not during the period. Currently 34 companies listed on MSE and MSX announced that they will distribute dividend from net profit of 2019. Total dividend amount of above companies has reached… Read more »

Mining companies listed on MSE scheduled annual general meeting of shareholders

Mining companies listed on MSE have scheduled their AGM. In particular, Tavantolgoi JSC listed on Tier-I of MSE scheduled to hold its annual general meeting of shareholders in Tsogttsetsii soum of Umnugobi province on April 29, 2020. The company will announce their decision with regards to the dividend distribution at the meeting. Sales revenue of… Read more »

Brief news of the market

Invescore NBFI JSC will issue a bond of MNT 10 billion. The company will offer closed-end bond to the investors and each one of the 10,000 bonds will be issued by MNT 1,000,000 par value. Also, shares of 15 shareholders which own 87.7 percent of Invescore NBFI JSC has been freed from separation as well… Read more »

Mongol Nekhmel JSC has planned to change its business structure

Mongol Nekhmel JSC listed on Tier-II of MSE has planned to change its business structure to limited liability company (LLC). Above issue will be discussed at the meeting of shareholders which will be held on April 29, 2020. Mongol Nekhmel JSC earned revenue from rent of real estate which is located in Khan-Uul district. In… Read more »

The newly listed companies are more keen on distributing dividends

29 companies out of the MSE listed companies has announced that they would be distributing dividends to shareholders from 2019 net profit. Gutal JSC /GTL: MO/ decided to distribute 1520 MNT per share, which is 2.4 billion MNT in total. The company had rented its building and decided to distribute 100% of its net profit… Read more »

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