Deputy PM U.Khurelsukh’s resignation request awaits the Cabinet and Parliament approval


It was reported that Deputy PM U.Khurelsukh stated that he will resign during the MPP’s Board meeting, which took place on August 16. In relation to his statement, he submitted his resignation letter to PM J.Erdenebat on the following day, August 17. His resignation letter included “I have no confidence and morally cannot work with the Prime Minister any longer as his policy and activities do not satisfy the interests of Mongolian state and national security.”


On the matters relating to when will the Deputy PM’s resignation be resolved, the government official in-charge responded “the cabinet will discuss the matter and submit to the Parliament. Until it is resolved, another minister will be appointed as the Deputy PM temporarily.”


According to relevant laws, Deputy PM U.Khurelsukh is required to perform his duties until his dismissal is finalized. However, the law does not provide any timeframe for when the matter should be resolved. Therefore, Deputy PM’s request awaits the approval of the cabinet and Parliament.