Gobi JSC (MSE: GOV) factory starts operating normally


At 8:45 pm of June 14, Gobi JSC’s (MSE: GOV) factory roof caught up in fire. The company has completed the repair Sunday or June 25 and the factory is operating normally. PM J.Erdenebat visited the factory, congratulated the company for overcoming this unexpected risk in such a short period of time and wished success for future endeavors.


PM noted that the fire at Gobi’s factory was in the center of attention for not just Mongolians, also globally. He indicated that being able to repair the factory in such a short period of time means Gobi can meet its orders from both domestic and foreign customers in a timely manner. Gobi employs more than 1,700 people, purchases 750,000 tons of raw cashmere from 160,000 herders and pay MNT 13 billion in taxes to budget annually. Gobi is a leading national brand of Mongolia, therefore government provided support to Gobi JSC.


Baatarsaikhan, CEO of Gobi JSC, extended his gratitude to the staffs of National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Water Authority, Urban Planning Department, UB Railway, Khan-Uul Police Department and other companies that provided their help during the fire. He said “Fire broke out while repairing the factory rooftop and 23 thousand square meter area was affected by the fire. Thanks to NEMA’s quick action, the factory started operating normally. Also, MNT 16 million donation collected to the company’s account will be donated to NEMA.”


Government is supporting tenor extension of the loan from Development Bank. CEO thanked PM for giving the company support and concerns from the night fire broke out until now.


Source: zasag.mn