AAR -90.00 -0.82%|APU -16.00 -1.15%|MND -1.48 -1.34%|GOV 11.56 3.42%|XOC -8.50 -3.42%|SUU 5.24 1.28%|TTL -5.00 -0.06%|TUM -2.46 -0.64%|MFG -13.00 -1.13%|ADB -6.39 -2.59%|MFC -3.66 -4.21%|UID 82.00 2.21%|SHG -27.00 -2.55%|LEN 0.49 1.07%|AIC 28.00 1.74%|ERD 18.14 2.01%|TCK 400.00 1.77%|NEH 0.89 3.54%|BOD 9.81 6.76%|INV -4.00 -0.12%|ETR -2.39 -2.12%|MBW -4.00 -1.78%|MNP -19.00 -1.41%|UNS 0.00 0.00%|ITL -6.31 -5.62%|BUK -5.36 -1.06%|JTB -2.40 -3.58%|AMT -3.00 -2.65%|ADU -41.43 -6.83%|BUN 3,400.00 2.22%|ADL 3.00 0.31%|OLL 2.40 8.39%|ERS 1,000.00 5.88%|MMX 14.00 0.39%|MIB 5.00 4.55%|BSK -150.00 -9.38%|HGN 0.39 0.59%|HBO 0.67 1.33%|HRM 0.50 0.41%|ETT 0.00 0.00%|RMC 1.00 4.17%|VIK 0.00 0.00%|


“BDSec” JSC is working to support and attract investment for national companies that support national economic development and industrialization and working as lead underwriter of newly issued shares and bonds on Mongolian Capital Market and gained a lot of experience in this field.

Within the framework of underwriting activities “BDSec” JSC works to raise funding for companies that needed financing by offering the companies securities publicly or privately to investors, in some cases the company purchases the issuing securities whole or partly from the primary market and responsible for the securities registration and organize the primary market trading.

We offer the following options for companies that wish to raise capital from the capital market. These include:

IPO issuance: for limited liability companies and companies operate as a closed joint stock companies.
Preferred share issuance: closed or public any types of companies can issue, and can be called back after a certain period of time or can be convertible into common shares.
Private placement: investment to increase the limited liability companies equity fund.
Private bond issuance: Any type of companies can issue, and offered to certain number of investors. Private bonds are repayable after maturity or can be convertible into common shares of the company.
Publicly tradedcorporate bond: Publicly traded, so everyone can participate. Also investors can freely trade their bond on the secondary market with each other.
Convertible loan financing: Fixed rate and date and end of the maturity loan will be converted into common shares. Can be offered publicly or privately.

Since 2005, local companies started to launch IPOs on Mongolian Capital Market. Until now total 17 companies issued IPOs and FPOs, 14 companies raised capital from market by issuing corporate bonds.