Khan Bank chose underwriter, legal advisory, and valuation company to cooperate in the IPO issuance

The Parliament of Mongolia approved the law on the amendment to the Bank Law in January 2021. As a result, systematically important banks of Mongolia have to become a public company and list to the stock exchange. Therefore, Khan Bank has officially started the work to issue IPO in February 2021.
The Khan Bank recently chose its underwriter company, legal advisory, and valuation company. The Bank signed a cooperation agreement with them. Particularly, BDSec JSC is working as underwriter of the Khan Bank’s IPO, “KhanLex Partners” is legal advisory, and “BDO Audit” company will be serving valuation and business analytics service to the Khan Bank.
Khan Bank has over 550 branches nationwide and more than 70 percent of Mongolia’s households are customers of the Bank. Moreover, the company solely accounts for over 30% of total assets in the banking sector.
BDSec JSC as underwriter of the Bank is one of Mongolia’s largest brokerage companies, and it was recently awarded Mongolia’s Best Investment Bank and Mongolia’s Best Broker 2021 by Global Banking & Finance Review.