“Khorgo Khairkhan” company get permission to merge “Mongol Insurance” company

“Khorgo Khairkhan” JSC listed on Tier-III of Mongolian Stock Exchange discussed and issued a decision to merge with “Mongol Insurance” JSC at the meeting of shareholders on April 27, 2018.

After the decision, the process had been delayed due to few reasons whereas Financial Regulatory Commission issued a decision to approve the process to merge between two companies yesterday.

As a result, name of the company will be changed to “Mongol Insurance” JSC and issued additional 37.83 million shares and shareholders of the company will own the shares. Currently “Khorgo Khairkhan” JSC has been 135,126 common shares of which 81.35 percent is owned by “Mongol Insurance” JSC.

Source: marketinfo.mn