Market Commentary

APU and Suu JSC decided to allocate dividends based on the first half year performance of 2021.

According to the Resolution No. 15 of the regular meeting of shareholders dated August 18, 2021, shareholders of Suu JSC approved the distribution of MNT 1.7 billion to its shareholders by a dividend of MNT 5.14 per share based on the net profit of the first half-year of 2021. The list of shareholders who are eligible for dividends will be determined by September 06, 2021, and the dividends will be placed in the shareholders’ accounts held at Mongolian Central Securities Depository within February 10, 2022.

The Board of Directors of APU JSC decided to allocate a dividend of MNT 46 per share or a total of MNT 48.8 billion from its net profit of 2021H1. The company publicly announced Board members’ decisions. The list of eligible shareholders is determined by September 03, 2021, whereas the company will allocate dividends through Central Securities Depository before February 10, 2022. APU JSC is pursuing a policy to allocate dividends twice a year. In particular, the company paid a dividend of MNT 37.5 per share or MNT 29.9 billion in 2020H1.

Source: Local Newspaper “Today Newspaper”