Net profit of Itools JSC increased by 20.3 percent in 2019

Itools JSC announced its operating report of 2019 and the company highlighted that number of clients increased by 26.8 percent and totaled 7,790.

The company has supplied more than 30 types of products and services to the market during the period as well as its sales revenue and net profit increased by 106.2 percent and 20.3 percent last year. Also, the company addressed that they acquired “Sinet” LLC as an internet service provider in May, in 2019. Also, the company introduced website based on cloud computing.

Furthermore, LendMN JSC informed that the company granted MNT 122.8 billion loan to around 175 thousand clients via its application in the Q1, 2020, which was shown increase of 20.9 percent from previous quarter. As a result, total loan amount of the company has reached MNT 705 billion.

Furthermore, nonperformance loan of the company decreased by 11 percent from previous quarter and reached MNT 1.6 billion. The company will distribute dividend of MNT 1.2 billion from net profit of 2019 on April 30. Share price of the company closed at MNT 34 and market cap of the company totaled MNT 27.2 billion.