Sales revenue of “Tumen Shuvuut” increased by MNT 2.1 billion

“Tumen Shuvuut” company which issued IPO last February on Mongolian Stock Exchange presented financial report of half-year of this year.

The company has produced 31.5 million eggs during the period, which increased by 24.5 percent (6.5 million eggs) comparing to the same period of last year. As a result, sales revenue of the company has reached MNT 10.5 billion, which rose by MNT 2.1 billion compared to the same period of last year and an amount of net profit increased by 72.3 percent.

The use of proceeds of the company has been spent for expanding of egg-layers farming, factory of bird’s excrement – manure and development of chicken farm. Above works has been executed according to the plan.

Furthermore, “Tumen Shuvuut” company estimated that the company will execute sales of MNT 17.3 billion and operate with profit of MNT 2.6 billion. The company ranked TOP 10 entities on the MSE. Share price of “Tumen Shuvuut” company has reached MNT 35.22.

Source: Local Newspaper “Today Newspaper”