Telecom Mongolia JSC decreased its expenses and saved MNT 1 billion in 2019

Telecom Mongolia JSC highlighted that the company decreased its expenses by 20-35 percent in 2019, as a result the company saved MNT 1 billion in its operational report of last year. In particularly, the company updated its agreement with communication companies in 2019.

The company has cooperated with Korea Telecom of South Korea, AT&T of USA and China Unicom companies and introduced international roaming service during the period.

Sales revenue of the company increased by 7.6 percent in 2019 and reached MNT 15.4 billion. Also, Mongolian Post JSC has cooperated with Russian Postal since July, 2019 and post which is sent to Russia, is passed through Mongolia.

Total postal tracking rose by 15.25 percent and amounted to MNT 2.6 million but transit post decreased to 2.1 million, which was shown decline of 29 percent from previous month.