The first half year report of Bodi Insurance JSC

• G.Bilguun Chief Investment officer of Bodi Insurance JSC listed on Tier-I of MSE announced the company’s financial and operational report of the first half year, 2020. The company successfully issued IPO in June and raised MNT 5.3 billion from the public.
• Net premium income of Bodi Insurance JSC has totaled MNT 7.7 billion during the period, which increased by 5.3% compared with same period of last year. However, net profit of the company declined by MNT 765 million due to growth of claims paid and operational expenses.
The company will further deepen its technology upgrade, offer international health insurance service of AXA group to the public and introduce new products such as “Gravity” and “Solution” to the market.
The company introduced the first international health insurance service and online insurance service in Mongolia. Furthermore, the company is planning to increase its net profit by 31.5% and reach to MNT 2.2 billion this year.
Furthermore, in accordance with the Board Resolution No.20/04 of July 24, 2020 of "Bodi Insurance" JSC, the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of "Bodi Insurance" JSC shall be held on September 9, 2020 at 11 am. Record date is August 17, 2020 as well as below issues will be discussed at the meeting:
 To discuss semi-annual operational and financial report of the Company;
 To introduce the business plan for the second half of 2020;
 To approve the Company’s charter;
 To elect independent members of the Board of Directors;
 To approve budget of the Board of Directors.