They did not promise to don’t wear double coat


Some members of the MPP in Mongolia have submitted their request to resign Prime Minister J.Erdenebat to the deputy chairman of the Parliament Ya.Sanjmyatav.


MP T.Ayursaikhan said that "Members of the parliament are proposal to resign Prime Minister J.Erdenebat in accordance with Article 43.4 of the Constitution and Article 7.1.12 of the Law on Parliament. Since its appointment, J.Erdenebat has repeatedly violated Mongolian laws and regulations.


This activity became interests of the few groups, not the interests of Mongolia. Conflicting laws and conflict-resolution decisions. There are conflicting laws and conflict-resolution decisions. Also, in the 2017 presidential election, the people of Mongolia have given the result to the government. Therefore, the members of the parliament are making a proposal to resign. "


MPs T.Ayursaikhan, B.Batzorig, O.Batnasan, B.Battumur, H.Bolorchuluun, J.Ganbaatar, D.Gantulga, Ts.Garjamav, Ts.Davaasuren, B.Javkhlan, G. Zandanshatar, Kh.Nyambaatar, M.Oyunchimeg, L.Oyun-Erdene, Sh.Radnaased, D..Sarangerel, Ya.Sodbaatar, G.Soltan, D.Sumyaabazar, A.Sukhbat, D.Togtokhsuren, N.Uchral, Ch.Khurelbaatar, D.Tsogtbaatar, S.Chinzorig, L.Everev-Ochir, B.Enkh-Amgalan, J.Enkhbayar and L.Enkhbold have signed.


According to the Constitution, this issue should be discussed and resolved within 15 days. The MPs also demanded to call irregular Parliamentary session, attaching their request to the petition. Irregular session should be called, when more than one third of the MPs or 26 MPs require it.