Weekly News 2020 - 7th week

MSE Top-20 Index was up 1.31%, MSE A Index ended higher 0.02%, and MSE B Index decreased 1.81% Market capitalization amounted to MNT 2,720.4 billion and average volume of 338,099 shares were traded at an aggregate average value of MNT 98.6 million.

APU (APU) was the most actively traded stock with an aggregate value of MNT 281.1 million. Following was Gobi (GOV) with its total value of MNT 31.9 million.

Tier 1 top gainers of the week were Talkh Chikher (TCK), Suu (SUU), and Darkhan Nekhii (NEH) on the other hand, LendMN (LEND) lost as much as 6.83% of its value today and closed at MNT 40.1.

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